All Recording takes place through our Pro Tools 9 HD Accel 3 System with 16 Digidesgn I/O. In conjunction with a pure path 16xMic Amp Class A Mixer-less system we have virtually limitless capability to add FX or equalization that would have once required vast racks of analogue gear. All this is done with perfect Industry Standard Digital Clarity at sample rates up to 192Khz. Which is over 4 times the digital quality of a Compact Disc. This allows us to offer incredible audio quality and mix complexity at a fraction of the cost of the traditional multitrack setup. Yet retain the original analogue qualities of traditional instrumentation.

Whether your project requires the traditional methods of instrument and microphone or the alternative methods of loop and sample we are able to meet your needs and provide results of very high commercial quality.
As well as technical facilities Send Hill Studios offers a great relaxing countryside location, exquisite kitchen facilities, good for the soul and creativity!